info about Ersari
The Ersari line was Yayla’s earliest project and creation. This line of rugs was created by Chris Walter and Jora Agha, an Ersari Turkmen from Aqcha in northern Afghanistan, starting in 1988. Chris and Jora Agha worked together in Haripur refugee camp in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan for several years, before Jora moved most of the weaving to Attock in 1992. The initial aim of this project was to revive the weaving of traditional Ersari Turkmen carpets using all of the original materials and designs employed by these same people in the 19th century or earlier. In the early years we tried to rediscover and collect all of the vegetable dye stuffs and designs which the Ersari people had used some generations earlier. The discovery part of the work was well established by the early 1990’s and since then we have continued to refine this line with always the same aim in mind-to produce great, traditional Ersari Turkmen carpets, all woven by Ersari Turkmen weavers in their own homes. Since 2004 all of our Ersari carpets have been woven in Aqcha in Jowzjan province of northern Afghanistan.