info about Zamin
Zamin means earth or land in Persian or Hindi, and Zamin carpets are truly carpets that springs from the Indian earth. They are woven in India in villages in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh in north India. They are densely woven, heavy carpets, where all the weight of the carpet is in the firmly beaten wool pile, much like an old Persian Bidjar. The vegetable dye colors are rich and saturated, all made from vegetable dye stuffs - roots, leaves and flowers - found from within India and Nepal. The best, longest staple New Zealand wool is used, which is hand carded and hand spun. Zamin designs range from the more primitive, such as Gabbeh designs, to finely woven Persian geometric designs, such as Bidjar and Afshar and also include contemporary designs of many different types and inspirations. They come in two qualities of weave, 9/45 with 100 knots per square inch and 12/60 with 180 knots per square inch. They are high quality rugs with very good wool that will withstand many years of wear.