info about Zamling Tibetan
Our Zamling line of Tibetan rugs is woven in Nepal. This is an extensive line with a long history.We have been producing these rugs in Nepal since 1992. They are made using only the best quality high altitude, long staple wool from the Chang Tang, or high plateaus of Tibet. These are all vegetable dye rugs with one of the widest color palettes that has ever been developed from vegetable dyes. We have currently over 250 distinct colors which we derive only from vegetable dye sources. Almost all of these vegetable dye materials are sourced from within Nepal, with the exception of natural indigo which comes from India. Most of our Zamling rugs are made in either 100 knot or 60 knot per sq. inch weave quality.

We have a design inventory of over 300 designs and make several distinct and different design types. These include contemporary designs using normal Tibetan knotted weaving all wool, wool and silk rugs, and others which employ a variety of weave techniques to give special textural differences and effects.

A second category are traditonal Tibetan designs. These are made using all the rich and strong vegetable dyehues which characterized Tibetan rugs from the early 20th century or before. We have carefully collected and reproduced many of the designs that represent the best of the Tibetan religious and nomadic traditions.

A third grouping is our Gaon Naksha, or village folk life series. These are rugs where each rug is woven completelyspontaneously and the design is created by the weavers as they weave while the rug is on loom. Each rug is a completely individual creation and there will never be another one like it. The weavers use our rich vegetable dye colors to recreate the fabric and experience of their lives. Most of these rugs show scenes of village life in Nepal where most of the weavers were born and grew up. The weavers are free to create any picture they wish as their fingers tie the knots.Most of our Gaon Naksha weavers have been with us for over 12 years and have developed a high level of artistry in this unique style of free form weaving.

Our Zamling Tibetan rugs sepcifically support the work we do in Tibet in partnership with Machik.