100 Knot Tibetan



This rug is part of our Zamling line of Tibetan rugs. These rugs are woven in Nepal with the traditional Tibetan weaving technique. The rug is made using only the best quality high altitude, long staple wool from the Chang Tang, or high plateaus of Tibet. Our Zamling Tibetan rugs are all vegetable dye rugs with one of the widest color palettes that has ever been developed from vegetable dyes. Almost all of these vegetable dye materials are sourced from within Nepal, with the exception of natural indigo which comes from India. Our Zamling Tibetan rugs specifically support the work we do in Tibet in partnership with Machik, a non-profit based in Washington D.C.

Rug Size: 8' 10" X 12' 1"
Rug Number: 18798
Import Number: 96cc6
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